Bunch of garbage

It seems like the world had turn me down. Everything I do, which I thought was right are exactly the same wrong things. If everything is a wrong thing then where is the right in me?
Maybe I'm just another useless person, who will do nothing right.
Everyone make mistakes, but then peoples around showed me that I make the most mistakes.
Everyone deserve second chances, how in the world that I feel like I never had those chances at all?
Everyone will rebuilt themself and grow stronger, I did but it didn't make me go stronger aswell.

Where goes my mistakes?

Where goes my right?

There's a truth and lies, up and down,  stay or move on, all these clingy opposite elements
but it feels like fates won't let me choose, it decides for me.

So tell me again what the function of living in this world?

This post is confusing, its collided, cz I had so much feelings collide and crashed inside.