That's Why

That's why he just let me walk away.
Made me choose something that he already knew what i would choose.
thou' both break my heart, he gave no time to let me go.
He is the first one to said, "Friend?"

and how can I ever be friend with someone I madly in-love with?
Thought he knew that feeling.
He's sober, am not.
Pathetically not that easy.

That's why he is the first to changed the relationship status at facebook.
Because deep inside I know he always be wanting this too.
Oh no, there's not misunderstands over here.
cz I know exactly the good intention of him.
or just maybe the misunderstandings is really whats happening.
Just maybe...

and why does he told me that he didn't like webcam/skype?
He said he don't have one, SKYPE.
Guess i caught you on that baby you do have one.

Like you said, "What else do you hide from me?"

and you skype with girls.
You don't have to tell me she is older than me,
uglier or even prettier than me, or you don't have no feelings for her.
because we started like that too.

I was older than you. I was actually uglier than you thought and i cut my fingers
just to fact that you don't have any feelings for me at the start either.
See where that goes? We're in love!

You don't wear the bracelet i give you, anymore.
"Terlupa!" that's what you said.
Just when I thought you never pull it off from your wrist.
Same goes to my favorite ring.

I protect the shirts you gave me, the skull necklace, your jacket i borrowed like i protect my life
and look how my stuff end up at yours?

Can I just be appreciated.

I've got a lot more running in my head, but its better for me to keep it. It's for the best.
You would break your own heart if you listen to what's you've done to me. So on