Final Exam semester 4

I've come to the end of my semester 4 diploma in Mass & Communication. Yayyy me ! and the whole class. It was a though semester of em all. I had a rough time doing Photocomm assignments, which end up incredibly miserable. Asides from that, we have to go for an interview with publishing house. It doesn't end up well too actually. I had to say most of the things that I thought I could work out with this semester, ends up zero. I still can't clear out my bad attitude. "Not coming to class". Each sem I hope I could change that. Neverthless, my determination did not work out.

Our first final exam starts this Saturday. Subject: Publishing. Chapter 6 until finish. Cut some slack, if I starts studying tomorrow, means I only have 2days to study. Not sure if I'm that good, and capable to study in two days time. Well, hopefully.

Finally, I got to say that, Kuantan is very very very hot this past two weeks. You know, like, even at 6 PM, you have that sun heat like it's 12PM.
Yes, very hot okay.
That is all!

Byebye xx