Unluckily I got this big problem about my MARA. Yeah,it is unfortunately I can't manage my finance that well. I spent thousands in almost 1 month. What is up with me ? :O

However my college life work out much well now. I went to classes, i finished my assignment and sent it right on time. There is not much I could tell now. My family? we're good as usual. I bought a new cellphones. Blackberry Curve 3G. So I give my Samsung Corby to my mom and my mom gave her Nokia to my little sister which is apparently in standard 3 right now. *thought that she get a fone to early aite *sigh,nevermind.

I'm with Aly now. We didn't really declare our relationship yet the feelings grew stronger days by days and automatically I just call him my boyfriend and he call me his girlfriend. So now we are in a long-distance relationship because he is studying at ICATS Sarawak while me? here at Shahputra. Mannn, I'm not good in that for sure. But I try at least. I love you Imam Muhammad Hambali> chupchup :* heww

Oh ya ! 3 more days until Aly return Semenanjung. Yess & I might heading to KL this Saturday to pick him up and stayed at Shah Alam for a night. Just wanna spent time with him :')

That is all I guess. I got to go back to my next assignment - INC 271. See ya !