Feels so good when your home. Where you can act whoever you want. No need to go out to buy breakfast, lunch or dinner. My mom serve 'em all. Just wake up, straight to the kitchen and look out what's on the table. It's a pack full of food. My mom rocks \m/ Love you mom, chupchup :*

Ate all of those 'happiness' yet I'm still hungry. HewHewHew - What's with that Tyta ? Hahahha ! Hey it's kind of an outstanding trend ya know. Even Aly who is not really into this "wordies&typo's" thingy is also using it. I mean we're not following those trends. TOTALLY. It just that it's sounds cool when we're using it for derogatory people instead of following the trends :D

It's 4:43PM while I'm typing this post & still I haven't figure out where should I go this evening. I should be going somewhere, plus it's not like everyday I'm home aite. Uhmmm, maybe I'm going to Denin's house. Hang out a moment over there. I'm sure I'll be getting new information from him over some hot gossip that happens here at my hometown. Or maybe not? Maybe I'll be sitting at home, facing laptop doing a chitchat with my friends,writing my assignments or memorize Yassin for tomorrow CTU (Islam religion subject) Subject. 

Oh well,gotto do what I gotto do. See ya.