Brand New

Life begin at 40. But for me life begin at any time you want & life can start hundreds of time. It depends on your spirit at that time. So for now , my life begin again.  As for every new life that begin , I have my own motivation on how I should act after this. This time my new life will include me being like the past; anti-boys \m/ 
People can say whatever about my opinion on boys. I don't care at all. But I just don't want to interact much with this type of human being because when I'm interacting too much with them, it makes me feel like I'm being left out. Yes I know I will also get happiness and its normal to have something and lose something at the other hands. But I don't want to take that chances. No, I'm not afraid but I'm being careful. Yes,very careful.

For example, recently this one guy (my college mate) which used to be like my brother to me - we're having a fight about my ex-crush thingy and this thing related to Aly. Seriously? I didn't backup anyone. But I'm afraid this thing might get bigger than it should be. So I better do something & still I didn't do anything coz I am clue-less on what should I do. Until Niesa knew the problem and she solve it, mostly I guess. So now I'm not be-friend with this one guys who is so called brother and also I don't contact with my ex-crush any more. 

I hate it when I have to be apart from the people that I used to know so well. Used to have fun together & because of what they did, they change little by little & that makes me change too. However this is not anybody fault and this is not at my fault ! No ! There's no way I'm admitting its my fault coz I BELIEVE 100% - ITS NOT MY FAULT. But I couldn't blame & put the fingers at anyone coz this is the situation and the risk that I must face. 

All I can do is? Put that MIDDLE FINGERS to whom that break my heart,crush it & bleed it. 
I am human ! I have hearts ! & This time I have the guts to say what is right for me.
And to them - You guys just won the 1st prize - MY MIDDLE FINGER (Y) :)

Now I can start my new life yeahh !