I gain , I lose

Hi guys. Hikhik,its been ages I didn't post something right? Actually I don't really like starting a post greeting people coz I'm not sure myself if anyone read this. If you are, awwh thankyou *chupchup :)

Everything seems to be in silent now. No more those everyday texts and late night calls. I miss him but what can I do? I slowly kills that feeling. I don't want to get hurt much more & trust me, I don't want to fall more harder. This thing stop here. If you wanna say that its my fault? Then its your fault too. If its not my fault then its no one fault. I keep it that way.

As for now I'm just settling down. For the mean time I couldn't accept any heartbroken. I search for happiness not pain in the ass ! -___- 

P/s: Who do I miss? The one that I used to adore so much. The JB one. The 'he gave me cadbury' one. Too bad , The 'he' is now not anymore , blank & zero .