As I planned, I went out today. Alone at ECM. Get something to buy. Hoping I could cheer up myself a bit after crying a lot last night. "Not cOoL" Yeah I know. Crying over some over rated thangs. Nevermind. 
I went out around 2.00pm. Walked to the bus stop and took a cab since my dad was on duty & he can't send me to EC Mall. I arrived at ECM around 2.30pm something. Planning on watching movies so I take a look at GSC screen. See what is on. Ahaahh ! Alvin & The Chipmunks 
Bought a ticket on 4.15pm. So I still got less than one hour to go. I went back down. I'm hungry but not that hungry. Guess I'm craving over a bread and I walk walk walk until I met "RotiBoy" Nyumnyum :3 And so I bought a sausage with cheese top bread & an Orange Twister. I paid, hell it was quite a long que just to pay my single bread *sigh. I wonder what is up with people today? Hello ~ Its Thursday aitee,how come there so many humanss here paying for breaddd ! 

After that I went out sat and eat my bread. Unlucky me to sat facing over a group of annoying boys. 
"Dudee,whattaya looking at ?" laughing & everythingg. aaaahh ? Fuck. This is annoying and its nearly 4.15pm so I buckle up for the movies. I better get my ass move before I let my legs kicks those annoying boys =_____='
Along the way up walking I did survey for my incoming shopping which comes after my movie & I did saw something nicee,really nicee *Winkwink ;P

It was a good movie. I love it when those chipmunks & chippets sang LADY GAGA songss & of course I gotto say that the ending quite interesting. Hehe. demm so cute ^^
Right after the movie end I went down & walk straight to F.O.S located beside Brands Outlet. I bought two formal shirt and a sweater. White sweater ! It looks cool on me Hikhik.
& I bought legging at this new store (I forgot the store name). They got promotion. So I bought three of 'em and gave one to Nina. 
Done shopping ! Went home & Aidi call me :)) Awhh I miss him. My sugarr. He always cheer me up. Make me smile & I loveeeee makin his face turns red. Can't wait "to-do-Mcd" again with youu sugar ! :D

P/s: You ! Yeah Youu the one that I adore - Thanks for coming by to my house before you went back to JB today. Thanks for the cadbury blackforest. Thanks for explaining things. Its not a wholesome of explanation but I understands now. At least I felt relieve a bit.