I hate it when people try to take out my life. Trying to condemn what I do, my appearance and my attitude. I'm sure nobody like it. This picture up there. Yes I wear those half T-shirt with hotpants and I went out with my boyfriend. I snap pictures and upload it at my facebook and it seems like some of these people don't like it. Try to condemn my appearance and what i wear. I still can't see what is relating between my appearance and YOUR LIFE ! see? That simple. 

Here,let me answer your question. Yes, I am not your old little Tyta anymore. I don't want to be the same Tyta. I wanna be different, don't care if thats in a good way or bad way. As long as I know what I do. Ya I smoke, club, wear some shit, and act bitch wild but what I do now? am I doing nothing? Hello, are you blind? I'm still studying. I prefer study than just stay home or working and finish my diploma. Still its not enough for you?

Listen,I live for myself, my family and my god. If you want someone who lived your way, follow your shits then hired a dog ! They'll do anything for you fuckers.