As usual I woke this morning at 9.30 AM. Went to class at 10.30 AM. Blablabla classes end at 4.30 PM. Oh ya I fall asleep during Mr.Faiz classes. Ehekk :P 
1st thing I do when I arrived at college was gave him the Cadbury Blackforest chocolate that I bought last night. 
Then after 11.30 AM while waiting for Niesa to went out for lunch, I stay with him & his friend at cafe. 
He is so cute, seriouslyyy. Oh and both of us wear the same shirt colour theme today ---> Purple (My favourite colour) Hikhok. So cute. Can you handle that? Ahaaa hahahahha! ;D

Thanks Aly for the suprise Secret Recipe cake. I'm still in shock right now. It was so unexpectable since my birthday was already yesterday. So YOU Aly ! with Niesa, Shot, Reza, Arul, Eiman, Qushairy, Awal & Ell really plan it gooddd huhhh. Mannn. The suprise was DAMN SUPRISE. The cake was awesome! Nyummy! and I had a wonderful time with you guys. Love you guys! Muahmuah :D

I thought of sharing a slice of the cakes with him so I called him & ask him to come over to my house. He ask me what time. So I point out whenever before you start the futsal game tonight. So right after the call at 7.30 he came to my house. Nik did a little prank on me. Said that he's not coming so I was like okay nevermind. eh ahh whatt? He was actually behind the wall. Playing hide & seek with me now huh :P So we sat infront of my house and talk, talk talk until 10.30 PM
 ♥ 3 Hours of happines in my life  

There came Syuk with that funny annoying attitude. Hahahha so cute lah Syuk acting Gay / "Maknyah" !
Whathefuck? ;D
I asked him if I could come along & watch the futsal. He said he's good with that idea so do Syuk. 
So later after I showered Syuk came & pick me up. We went to the futsal court and the game end up at 1.00 AM. 
 & Now here I am sitting in my bedroom thinking about MARA Loan , arghhhhh !

Hopefully,MARA Loan will be inserted A.S.A.P , Aminnn -__- !
I want to continue my HPD assignment. See you , Byebye !

PRINSIP HIDUP - Kadang kadang kita perlu melepaskan yang baik untuk dapat yang lebih terbaik.