I guess the tittle already clear things up on what I'm having right now. Problems problems. 1st is a bout this guys in GTR club who likes me that much and propose me but I rejected him nicely & said that I got no feeling on him & I wish I could only be his little sister but he doesn't seem to accept it and now he's ignoring me. That is not my fault. Coz I already told him that don't give too much hopes on me. He said he understands it,He "said",hearts tells the other way. 
Second of all is this guys that I actually forgot to tell him to not give hope on me cz I probably can't accept him for the fact that I don't trust boy that much anymore & cz my heart is not at him just yet. So okay,it is my fault & last night I explain everything to him & apologise. But depends on him if my apologise accepted or not. I request for a friendship but if he wanna make it the other way ---> enemy. Then its his choice. So I guess now that all of my goodfriends are defending him so uhm okay. I think my bestfriends also defend him more than me. But I don't blame them. Its everybody's choice to think what is right from their point of view. 

What important now is I hold on to these words that

 "Life leave me no choice but to clear things up & move on. I got to keep going forward. There's no turning back & fix everything except for not doing the same mistake again in the future"