The same problem that I'm facing every month. When will this end? I got the whole plan on doing everything that I actually SUPPOSED to do but no budget on me. This is getting my nerve. I really don't have that capability like my dad have on planning the financial. 
Whats on the list? Payment for class pictures,jamming budget,personal stuff,assignment - Printing got so expensive nowdays. Demm. "Babaaa,can I borrow some of your money?" weee. Believe me he's going to mad at me for not planning my financial. I can't ask from daddy :P Gotto find other solution ey? Pheuu.

Oh yes! I got one solution! MARA but when will MARA bank in my loan?  I need it 100 & 1% so much ! So does the other student in my college ! We all went bankrupt. Please bank in as fast as you can MARAAA , Amin.
Sobsob T,T Life's no good for me now.

Now,stop thinking about this problem and should I say reduce one of my problem by settling my maxis company proposal. Wwwheeheh. Ok. Gotto start the proposal now. Uhh ya one more can't wait this evening. He insisted me to accompany him to buy some random college stuff. Whoaa :)