H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  T Y T A ! :D

eheee , so its my birthday yesterday & I was supposed to post this yesterday. Since I'm to tired and sleepy after the prank , I just went knocked out and zZz. Tweheheh. Nevermind. Whats with the prank incident & gift ? 
It was around nearly 11.00 pm when me & Niesa went out to 7e to buy stuff. Then this someone (The one that I mention in my previous post) text me up & ask me whether I want burger or not. Currently it was a weird question coz after a while we stop texting for that day, he text me back & ask whether I want a burger or not. I said why not. So me & Niesa stop at the corner & wait for him. He wish me Happy Birthday & give me a burger. Aww he's the 1st most earliest person who confront me & wish. Sweet! I said thanks & we went home.

I was already at my house when Aidi called & we're having a little chitchat about things. I guess at that time he was waiting for 12.01 AM to wish me. But I knew the prank was coming so I hang up for awhile & sneakout to my neighbours house. I sat behind the cars, and I heard Niesa calling me & trying to find me. 2-3 minutes after that I went out thinking that the prank would be over just like that. I laugh at Niesa, She start chasing me. Damn you guys know what happen next. 15 egss,2 pack of flour & nescafe straight to the top of my head. NICE,THANKS A LOT ! Hahahah! Nik was also there with Feyra , came out of nowhere then just throw eggssss at me. I smelled like your cooldadyshit! Seriously fuckin EUWHH. Hahhahaha! However,honestly ? IT WAS A DAMN FUN PRANK. OH YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE TO WORRIES, I'M OKAY. JUST WAIT TILL YOUR TURN - especially Niesa Alli :P

Earlier that everning, Afiq, one of my close friend gave me a bracelet that got a symbol of "S" & "A". I resemble it as my full name - Syahida Atiqah :) & what shocking was he proposed me. "Will you be my girl" ; but I'm sorry I couldn't accept you. I thought you understand that my feeling, my heart is not at you. You know that :( I just hope we could still be a good friend :)

I also get a pair of new shoes from Niesa or I should say Aly actually -__-' *sigh, nevermind (; Thanks Niesa-Aly. I love it. My dream shoes :D

The most exciting present was A CUTE TEDDYBOX containing a SUPER SUPER SUPER ! CUTEEE ORANGE TEDDYBEAR with an ARTISTIC SCARF in it. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !! *Love Love Love*
Thankyou so muchh Aidi Adhwa & Syed for that gift. Oh ya Syed,just forget about giving me 10cents. Keep it, you might need it. Twehehehhh :P 
Not to mention,the gift smells so gooooooooooooooooooood :))

Most of all actually, I want to thanked my Mama for giving birth to me. I love you Mama. I love you so much :')
& Baba ! Thanks for taking care of me. You guys were always there for me through sad & happy. Muahhh *Kiss at your cheek Mama & Baba :'D

It was a long day & this is a long post I say :O so , Goodnight guys. See you aroud :)
LOVE , Tyta 

My Birthday is on 21ST December 1993. It was already 22 December by the time i type this blogpost. Ignore the date at the blogdate. Its a fault date, pheuu -__-'