Thinking over you

Oh wow look at the date? I've been spending too much time outdoor and i lost my time here. I need to take back my time here where I got my own world and I can express every single feeling. It's been two months + since my last breakup. Thou' I got many choices of every kind of guy but still I'm in doubt. I still can't stop thinking about the suffer that i used to felt. It hurts me, a lot & to begin again take a hell long of time for my heart to heal. This guys that comes on & off from my life, none of them are able to make me feel the same love again. People said,"Just grab the chance! Who knows :D" Well guys,I'm not that type of person who is that easily willing to take an unknown chances. I've changed. Oh ya you all can said that oh crap shit Tyta never change! Yes fuck u coz people can change & I'm one of them for sure.

In times of being single, I do like this one person. But I guess I like him too early when I don't even know a single thing about him. You could tell that I'm still in a knowing process. Oh I am one of the unlucky person falling for him and why? He have girlfriend YES. But that doesn' matter. It's too early anyway to take any steps. If people change, same goes to feeling. One fact is that what I'm feeling for him had been quite a long time since October , now is ? December. What is it with this feeling? *sigh =.=