I am so much happy right now :) Thanks god I still got my friends tight. They are the one who always support me , thought they don't care about me. Well , guess I'm wrong. Woahh yes this is the 1st time in my life that I felt so freeeeee. Somehow after everything that happen , i am more like to stick with myself. But not to lie deep down inside I'm still missing , still losing , still loving. Yeah it happen to be like that.

Recently I check my result for Sem 1 final exam & I was like wth !? Down like forever. I got 2.29 lol what happen to you Tyta ? I got 2A , 2B , 1C , 1D, 1E . Okay 2 paper failed that is CSC (Computer) & Media. Gosh , that were the main subject in my life actually ! But things already happen so what else can I do aite. I promise myself I won't play around again next sem. No hangout late at night , less social , and more more more over ! I want to study smart yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next !

Okay big thing right now ! After less than a week Me n my exbf breakup , he already have girlfriend. & guess what ? He have two girlfriends ? WhatTheFuck doo. I'm still here hangover him & he already have two girlfriends ? Goshh , that is terrible , I felt terrible for sure. Okay , now that we're over & I'm totally not into his life , I won't bother about him anymore. There's one thing that I'm lucky enough to said that he makes himself looks fucked up right now. He's the one who make himself looks idiot when he did that & show it to everyone.