Definitely! Exactly! I'm okayy. Yes the heart damaged badly. But I'm okay now. Even something that I don't expected also happen. After awhile he contact me back. He call me up and ask with which guy I'm hanging out with at Miami. Hahahha! Whatever. My life is not yours anymore. Why do I have to bother to tell you with who I'm going out with? Lol. Then he wanna said something but sorry dorky I hang up. Then he sent me a text msg explaining why he didn't reach for me during those days that he keep silence & why he didn't pick up the fone. But seriously for me that is not an explanation but its an excuse. So now we're good. We're friends once again. I don't live to keep an enemy (;

So I am single now. Hahah ! Its totally a weird feeling to launch that words out & to express it. Eventhough the status state I'm single but I just don't know how to act single & to express it. I just really don't like boys. I keep on deleting boys in Facebook. I don't really follow boys at twitter. I can't believe that my life changed like totally 100 and 1 % :D But I am so much happier now. I don't cry anymore. I love my friends SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I'm back to work starting tomorrow. But this time I'm only going to work for 3weeks. I can bare to take the risk to work any longer than that. I just need some money to go to KL. Meet my new goodfriend - MuizMinhad. Somehow I really like to mention his name , Its unique o.o  Ouh & I'm going to get a new Supreme bag , aww can't wait ! Mango tshirt. Oh god Oh god , Can't wait :D But what the top of all I can't wait to meet Muiz. He is really my type of friends that I want. He got the head into me. Hahahah ! He's funny too , he's from KL but he can go on with Pahang slanggg. Awhh he is that cool & cute too.

Okay enough with that. Mom's calling. Gtg , see u in the next post :D