I'm not supergirl,I'm not strong. I'm sorry goodbye

I'm sorry for the things I said, I'm sorry for the tears that you cried, I'm sorry for the pain I caused, I’m sorry I made you feel bad, I’m sorry for always doing the wrong thing, I'm sorry that I failed you. But I can't help being me. I’m sorry...what more can I say, I'm sorry...what more can I do. Except I will try harder, today, tomorrow and everyday.

This is for you Amer Luqman. I guess now I could think straight what you really want from me. You want me to end this relationship. You want to end this but you can't because you had said that You will never say the words your leaving me or breaking up until I said it myself. It thought what you said is based on you love me but eventually its not. I'm ready to move apart from you. Slowly.

This is the hardest thing in my life from the day I start to breath. Its hard to let go someone whom I imagine i live my life with. Imagine we grow up together,get married,have kids & the old days together. Now that we're like this? None of it will come true. I sum up everything just as an illusion.

This is me. Here I'm standing. Broken & tore apart. Its okay if you don't want this love anymore. I keep this to myself. This heart hurt too much. It barely hold on. You can't save this heart anymore. No one can. Its okay. I will try to save this heart. Heal it. I know It can be heal. Time will determine all.

I've waited for u. Waiting is the hardest thing to do. I want to wait. But my heart can't. It hurt too much. I can let this thing to be a burden to my heart. I cried everyday. Oh well like you care right ? :( Honey,its okay for you to take all the pieces of me. But please,not my heart. Its the only thing left of me. I don't own anything else. I'm taking back my heart. My heart is so sick right now. She's in pain. I can't let her go through any pain anymore.

I don't know where is my mistakes. The last words I heard from you last 3days is "I love you". Then there's no more :'((  No I can't be with you coz I'm scared felt like I'm falling when you left me. I can't keep going through a life unaware of what I'm missing & the person I could be. I guess love would be nice for someone else life. Not me :'(

Amer Luqman. I waited my whole life for someone like you. You make me happy & gloomy everyday. You change me into a better person. You promise to me that you'll stand by me no matter what happen. So do I. You broke your's. Nevermind,I still love you. You promise me you'll love me until my last breath. So do I. You broke your's. Nevermind,I still love you. You promise We'll go through the hardest part of our life & enjoy our happiness together. So do I. You broke your's. Nevermind,I still love you. I love you. I do love you so much.

I love you to the fullest of my life.
Goodbye. Its hard but it's okay. I'll be okay. I know you will too. Its hard for me to say this but I know you will find someone else that you will truly love. Eventhough it's not me. I accept the fact. She will be so lucky to have you. Thanks for all the things you have done & said. I appreciate it.

The End.