Ugh I can stand this. Almost everyday I got this pain at my teeth. I really should go to dentist & recover this pain. Mannn IT HURTS LIKE HELL.

Standing by the home rules now all I do is staying home. I could assure you that I am so fucked up. Got nothing to do at home yo crazy shit ! I sleep at 2,3 in the morning and woke up at 3,4 in the evening. Eat. Online. Eat & online some more. Blogging. Tumblr. Twitter. What else ? Ouh ya , this is because I can't go out anymore. Bullshit. But okay nevermind. The sem holiday is going to end in less than a month then I'm a free girl again.

This is getting into my nerve. Its been almost 2days he didn't contact me. I asked him to top me up but still he didn't. & How do he expect me to top up on my own when all my money is with him right now ? Okay. I'm screwed. This is so sad. I could't even top up for myself -____-

I'm just gonna have to wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. FUCK.