Something Just Ain't Right

I'm tired of being fake infront of you guys. Pretend that I'm happy with all that funky sort of songs & dances. I'm frustrated with the way I live & yes we'll be figuring out that I'm the one who can't go on with ya all. I had been thinking & I know deep down inside I'm the one who get fucked up. I'm losing myself. So , just to make sure I don't lose myself again. I need to do something for my own good. In other way I'm thinking for OUR OWN GOOD. Yes , I get left many times & non of it got into my nerve. This time it's different. My mind & brain is at this one point of matured to think that until when do this thing have to go on & on ? Where I don't have to do something just to get my name on their head. Think of it guy's. Don't you know I'm hurt? Really hurt.

I know & I saw it infront of my eyes. That miracle's are happening but what worth it if my heart keep on bleeding. I got to stop this. If I can rely on you guy's so I had to fight this one alone. It's okay. I still got my strength to build up and move this shit on. Move this life on. Live my life on. 

For every heart that broke , for every tears that drop , for every spirit you squeezed it apart & for every words I said that you ignore , I am just getting stronger.

and believe me when I said that I am stronger than yesterday. 

It's hard but this one is for you guys ----> Goodbye my friends , I love you first from the start & I would still love you if you guys stop treating me like a kiddo. I have heart. My heart is mine & I'm just protecting it from getting hurt again. Sorry :'(