The Celebration's

Raya come again this year. Too bad I'm not feeling it at all. Why? Because final examination come straight up after raya. So for me there's only raya on the 1st day of raya. Then I'll be heading to my room to do my studying. Plus with the unfinished assignment & yeah also trying to catch up with the things that i have to study for final. OMG,that's a dozen for me. It's okay. Stay cool & study smart.

Okay. So talk about raya. How's the preparation? Nevertheless you should not asked because all that I got now were 2 pair of baju Riau. However that's all I ever need & I'm happy enough that it is something I could wear at college. Actually I am going to shop for some more tomorrow (Saturday) with my family. Yes,I am not going out with my friends. Had to cancel all the date.

So,here a bit about me. I am going to learn how to baked cupcakes. How to cook. I will live a balance lifestyle. I'm going to exercise a lot. I don't wanna miss out to have a great body's. Six pack I wish for :P I want to save more money. I will only deal with the goods. I want to work ! I'll start working next month as a waitress. I will sleep early except for the day that I need to call someone to have a nice talk with (: I will save my credit. I want my room to be as clear as it can be. I want to start having a notebook & planning my life well. There's a lot still I haven't remembered. Oh ya , what important is I want to finish my assignment as early as i could. I hate being rush up like what I felt just last week -___-

Happy Raya Day's you guy's ! Have A Blast