Go Fuck.

What more worse than losing my fone ? Is losing my precious memory inside it. Pictures of me n my friends. My favourite images. Moments of my life. Beautiful songs. I want my fone back :'(
Seriously nothing is more valuable than my fone. I rather lost my Notebook then my fone. Hmphh

Okay what happen for real? I didn't quite remember. All that I remember it was around 12 AM until 3 AM something. Me and Niesa was doing our Public Speaking assignment at the living room and Lynn join us after she went back from dating. Then Niesa got sleepyhead and she went ahead to our room and slept. I continue doing my assignment & Lynn accompany me although she is sleeping, LOL ?

I can't stand it. I pack things up. I tried to wake Lynn up gizilion times but she didn't move a head,my gadd ! Okay then Lynn,you can sleep there alright. I went ahead to our room and sleep beside Niesa. My fone was just BESIDE me and Lynn laptop bagpack which contain Lynn's laptop & Ipod , Niesa's purse I put near Niesa head.

The next thing I knew once I woke up was I lost my fone. I went upstairs,downstairs thousand times. Like that going to bring back my fone. Then me,Feyra,Jane,Lynn & Niesa checked our stuff and hell yeah that was the time we knew that Lynn's laptop bagpack went missing too. Also my Handbag ! Which there is nothing inside it. Oh mann. So all of us went to Police Station and make a report. All things settle just like that. JUST LIKE THAT?

Ugh,shut up