New Catch ! :D

What I'm doing right now ? I SHOULD BE SLEEPING -___-
New catch for you guys. So,today would be my last day at Shahputra Village. I decided to move out from here and stay at Taman Polo which is for me is more comfortable. The location also nearer to 7 Eleven plus Cybercafe. That would do enough for me. Muzhaffar is going to help me move out from SPV since he have car. I don't have any choice other than to ask for his help. My family is returning to village and I don't have any other transport. Now that I'm staying at a house for real I can cook. That would save my budget. Fuhh,this is such a relief. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow,packing my stuff,signing form,and hanging out with Muzhaffar also. Pluss puasa is just around the corner.

Happy Fasting you guy's :)