Rated  as plain-fun-extraordinary by me. So this event was organized by the Masscomers Part 5.Thanks to all of them the masscomers had a great time. Thou' there was some misunderstanding & hatred but I believe each of us got awesome stories to tell family and friends what we had at the Aman Sari Beach Resort. The resort is located near Pantai Sepat. The first day that we arrived,all masscomers must register their name and each of us received a cool Masscom T-shirt. I like it,COOL ! Then we are divided into groups where as each group was mixed with all the masscomers from different part and we got our own group colours. I GO GREEN ! :D It's a good thing that this grouping can make us know each other much better between senior and junior.

During the night we were told to went out to the beach in a group and each group must introduce our motto,vision,mission,group flag & logo. Trust me there's a lot of hassle but it was nice. There all of us could see the cooperation between group members. Thanks guys,Thanks Green :)

The next day was the Explorace Day & Telematch. It was a total exhausted but i had a great time. Haaa ! This was the part that I drown into the pool. All of us were playing by the pool after the explorace finish and everyone push anyone near them into the pool.I was pushed into the pool 3times and the third time I was drown. Its funny that I didn't saw anyone try to save me,maybe because they thought i was just fooling around. Until Hafiz jump down and save me. Thanks brahhh :') Then there came the paramedic,Apit and the girls and after that I don't remember anything. HAHAHAH,its was un-expectable but I wanna play some more ! :(

Then its BARBEQUE TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when the sun came down yeahh. I could see Awal & Kuchai were super-excited when it comes to eat,HAHAHAHH

The third day which I mean is todayy. We had a 'gotong-royong' activities at the Fishermen Village but I wasn't involved since I'm having cold. Oh by the way,my body was in pain,still until now. But nevermind~ 

All that I can say now is THANK YOU very much to all the participants that involved in this event. Thanks a lot to the organizer,lecturer's that willing to stay with us through-out the three days *eventhough Miss Dyy still went out to get KFC,wekk! hihi:P

It's was a splendid time with you guy's !