Sayang Si Jebol

This is it. The theater 'Sayang Si Jebol' that I've attend recently. Oh well actually not attending really as a guest. I'm apart of it,a bit. I'm just a starring role as Aminah. A village girl with another two of her friends - Anum & Aisyah. I was actually giving up on this theater at first cz I always got the critic that my vocal is down. Thought that no one is going to like me because of my vocal,I got the urge to keep on training & training and don't give up no matter how low my vocal is down with. Oh ya the theater is a success fyi but my vocal isn't.I guess it's just me,just look at my body posture will ya? I'm small & tiny,that would be a good reason for why my voice isn't that loud as they wish too.One thing for sure I'm happy that at least I am apart of something.At least I am someone.If anyone think that theater is boring,they are totally wrong.Theater is awesome.Theater is one of those stars that brighten our tradition :)

- He is the man behind the scene. I've just met him. Didn't really know him well.But he is quite adorable & stylish.He is Cool & Awesome - AWESOME HELL YEAH ! He's returning to JB,his hometown. I'm gonna miss his mouth,ouchh hihi. Cool man cool. Have a good time there Shaa. Thanks for everything :')