There Comes Hell :)

I am not the-fake busy people. These are the facts :

  • I got two BBM assignment to be work on and done before 1st July. One have to be sent before 10.00 AM & another one before 2.30 PM the same day. Guess how much time left for me ? Do the meth.
  • I got a theater training session almost EVERYDAY through this week & next week. I admit that I had a good time with these production team but then with all the sweating condition,pressure picking up the script,polishing skills,and being a strong girl well at least act like one pheuu are ! adding in the busy-ing this week. Oh plus I don't get the chance going home this weekend. Sorry Mom,Dad & Mimi :(
  • Public Speaking first speech introduction about Kuantan is coming next at 2.30 PM today while I'm sitting here in front of the computer library blogging :3 Awhhh so cute~ TOO CUTE TO FAIL ON THIS FIRST SPEECH TYTA ! Work the hell speech on could you ! Pick up the pace ! Okay fine alright.

Now I'm just gonna continue my oh-so-unlike- public speaking speech Hihi. See ya ! :)