Everything Gonna Be Okay

First of all,I have no interest in humiliating other person.Everything in this post is unspeakable outside. Any hurt feeling or disengaged is at you own responsible.I'm just Tyta reporting Real Life Story of All. Peace :)

An excruciating incident just happens today. Its been a normal random thing in my class where someone else tick the attendant for other classmate,which whenever our other classmate (doesn't matter whom they are) did not come or being too lazy to attend class. *I almost went through it :p but I pullback and still went to class ;3 * 

Usually this falsing-classmate-attendant happen during HBU(Kokurikulum) or CTU(Islam-Religion) because Shahputra had all UiTM courses combine together. So there will be wayyyyyy a lot of students in the lecture and the lecturer won't be bugging their self overlook the attendant. LMAO. Oh ya back to the story,well one of my classmate did the falsing thingy today in CSC class (Computer) and our lecturer had notice the fake attendant. No ones had the gut on confessing & even if I was in her place,I might as well don't own the gut. Just after the lecturer blackmail us,saying that she will tell off about this matter to our co-ordinator then my classmate admit that this thing is at her fault. I was a bit shock because firstly I suspicious at my other classmate. She cried. Everyone are looking hatred. Me? I don't felt the hatred. I was pity on her. She just want to help our other classmate. Guess now there's no point of helping if you yourself got caught.

I just hope whatever happens today will be a great lesson to everyone either my classmate,myself & everyone else who want & thinking about doing it. Think twice & think hard before doing anything.

This is a notes to all of us,including me too.

P/s : To my friend who admit it,Thanks.Because you still confess your fault.Its need a strong girl/boy to admit their fault.No worry heart,everything gonna be okay.Lights is everywhere :')