Its been a month & 2 weeks I start studying at UCSA (University College Shahputra). Despite in that short time, tragedy happens a lot to me & the hearts around me.So many stories to be tell - one or two that in a sensitive terms and more with honor & happiness :) Should I? *Should you what Tyta?* Should I tell you guys what happens? What really happens?

Nahhh,seems like the inside detail of the story should be held closed to myself only.Don't bother to think the reason because it is just the way it supposed to.Keeping it as a secret.

Maybe I'll just tell off the hints. Oh ya it is,slightly going through hard moments regarding love.My whole life - I will never escape the fact that I will always got caught into this situation.Stuck & stumble between two gate.Neither one will effect my existence.Then there's life came up with the same unresistant shot.I might always thought that I'm am me with people still treating me like I'm not there.Not exists in their each happy or sad days.Their moment in life.Every pictures doesn't even involve me.Oh by that I mean,most of the pictures.From that I conclude that I am nothing.That is why I hate grouping.I like either being alone or with a partner.Thats the best way I can enjoy my life nevertheless.

This condition itself is fagging me out.Plus with assignment BBM 111 - Malay that I had to finish up before 1st July.Then Mak Sha assignment.Assignments just got their immunity from being listed as my botheration as it seems that it is my 'things-that-should-be-done'.Family - I don't know whats the point of me coming back home weekendly & seeing mom,dad n Mimi still not at home frequently as they should be on Saturday & Sunday. awhhh :/ That is making me less spending time with them & more to doing my own activity.However the fault is not at them,I understands well their condition.Whatever they do is the best for our family.
I love you Mom,Dad and Mimi