Syahida Atiqah is my real name given by my beloved dad n mom. LOVE YOU MOM! DAD! *love* I was born on 21st December 1993 and "21" had been my lucky number ever since. Call me TYTA !! Tyta ! *Nickname* I was brought up as a spoil brat since it was quite a long time I don't have any little sister. Then there come Syamimi Athirah. Oh yes she is,my sweet little sister. We argue about tiny bit things & still sleep and accompany each other every night. *I miss you adik* I was in Tadika Kemas *Do I have to tell you that?Gosh :D * Then comes my primary school SK BATU TIGA. I succeed well in UPSR & went to SMART. Also known as amongn the best school*wink-wink* Oh well,how i wish I could stay there a little longer when I knew I have to change school to SMK Paya Besar from  form2 until form 5. I took Graphic Computer stream after I drop Accounting stream since I hate Mathematic :D so badly =__=' and now here I am continuing my study as a mostly you can call in a freedom way at College University Shahputra taking Diploma in Mass and Communication. Not to mention actually I already receive an offer from UiTM in Architecture course which ! I didn't make it to the interview. Too bad pheuu ;3

I think I explain enough already. Even the not-so-important thing also LOL. Ahahhaha
Okay? Okay? Okayyy? Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! crazypig :P