Cake Artist

Hello. How are you guys ? Sometimes I don't even know should i greet or not because I don't think people barely here at my blog. Lately I've been trying to spent more time here writing something useful other than spending my time at Facebook and twitter keeping myself updated with aaa how should I say? Maybe mostly rubbish now days. Oh don't worry I wasn't insulting anyone, me myself also update rubbish sometimes. By far, we are human so whats the fucking big deal :)

I have been keeping this to myself. That I've been inspired by cake artist all around the world for example Carlo's (Buddy Valastro) from Cake Boss. He runs his family bakery shop at Hoboken, New Jersey. He is rather known as Buddy from the channel TLC on Astro and I could see that he is so talented ! Not to mention his partners too.

Malaysian also have this one cake artist but I couldn't remember her name. She was recently out in a channel through TV 9. I've been googling about her but couldn't find any info. Weird. Maybe I wasn't determined enough on searching. Nevermind thou but she is good and she also make wedding cakes for Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari.

Ohhhh how I wish I could be one ! A cake artist ! however I should start from first step. Well I've already started actually. Been reading about cakes,sponge cakes,decorating, etc. Also collecting and asking cakes recipe from internet and my fellow aunties. (Trust me,they are good in baking) Jealous much. Next, I am going to start learning about cakes ingredients.

Check out this cakes invention from Cake Boss ! :D