Semester Break

Hay it's nearly semester break and I still haven't figure out what job I wanna do. Of course I got this regular works every morning to make sausage roll. Which is also helping my moms bake cakes. Still I need some other ancillary works. I've surveyed some vacancy over CapitaMall and Megamall. Nothing interest me at Megamall. I did find this one job interesting at CapitaMall. Which is taking care of a candy shop. More like Famous Amous but Famous Amous sell its own product. The one that I'm taking care of is a branch for many brand of candy and chocolates and cookies. Its a full time job with RM650 basic paid per month. I'm not sure if there is any extra paid coz Im working the whole day from 10 AM to 10 PM so there is no statement like " you got rm xxxx if you do overtime ~" THERE IS NO OVERTIME for me. 

Buzz me but I guess I'm still gonna do this job. Plus, it seems like an easy job. The owner are a chinese siblings I think and tell you what, I'm sure there will be a time during my whole job I'm going to get scold for anything. Chinese usually are strict in business. Naissss ! 

There isn't much works to do there. Asides than adding stocks, calculating stocks, clean there and here, serving customer, there is no more other job. So I could see there my chance to spent my time infront of the laptop or read books (books? since when!).

Please please please I want this job pleaseeee ! x(

*even if I don't, I'm going to try out at Old Town White Coffee - I like the outfit hewhew :3