Seasons Greetings

Peace upon to you and greetings people. It's 10th January 2013, 1:10 AM right now. I know I am ten days late but it feels improper for not wishing Happy New Years to everyone. So, I would like to wish a very very very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blog readers/followers, my facebook friends, my twitter's follower/stalker, my enemies, my beloved collegemate, schoolmate, kindergarden mate and all the mate I've made this 2012/2013 years :D I hope everyone will have a very instant good year for 2013. Why instant? Because "Live fast. Die young" they said !

I also would like to wish a very very very Merry Christmas to anyone in my friends list who were celebrating it back then on 25th December. I don't make many friends from christian religious but I do have some such, James Berdindang, Ronnie Jayn Christie and there is this one christian girl which we used to be closed back then. But in the end we lost contact. I don't remember her name thou'. *Sigh* I'm no good remembering names. You know whats exciting about my christian friends? They all came mostly from Sarawak/Sabah. Usually i could track down the flap of every friendship. Unfortunately this time I lost track. I don't even know how did I end up becoming their friends. Thanks god I have this christian friends. Thou' we're different in religion, doesn't mean we have to be enemy right? Everyone can still be-friend. Just do not converse something that humiliate or offended other's people belief.

So that was it. My newyear and christmas wishes. I don't have much to say or story about my newyear celebration. For me, my newyears eve celebration 2013 was no fun at all. It only hurt alot thinking that I was having emotional problems at that time plus I didn't snap any fireworks pictures at Teluk Chempedak for my Photo Communication assignments. Believe me. There is no good celebrating newyear when the main goals were out and off.

Till then. God's will. Goodnight :)