In memory

It is so hard for me to accept all this. I don't know if its by accident or not that what i own is also the same things she own now. God,is it still not enough that I'm feeling like I'm sharing him and now this things that resemble me towards him, also the same thing resemble her towards him? Speechless.

That pillow u gave me. I'm sorry that i threw it. I threw it and it fall by the window. I let it be like that since last week. No one had been picking up that pillow. Not even my sister or mom. As if like they know how broke my heart is and they can't argue with that anymore. I couldn't even argue with my own heart anymore.

I fight for you but i stopped now that I know the fight is worthless but loving u is not for sure :')
I love you but I'm sorry if you don't see or feel like I am because I've stop showing it.
That is all. Thankyou xx